History Of HaoShun

Guangzhou HaoShun Mold Tech Co., ltd.

  • Introduction: Specializes in the manufacture of mold, plastic injection molding, Structural foaming,3d printing, cnc machining, die casting . We are one of the major Fabrication Services exporters from China.
  • Major Products: mold, plastic injection molding, Structural foaming,3d printing, cnc machining, die casting etc.
  • Applications: Auto parts, medical, aviation, agriculture, consumer electronics, household, etc.
  • Location: Guangzhou, China.
  • Factory Area: 5000 Square Meters
  • Founded: in 2010
  • Number of Employees:185
  • Overseas Market: Europe, North America, South America, Australia Mideast, Asia, etc.
  • Certificates: ISO 9001/14001/16949 etc.
  • OEM & ODM Customization: Fully Accepted

Joe Guo – General MANAGER

Our Story & Secret Of Success


In 2010,Mr Guo Zhimin and Mr Jian founded the company in Guangzhou officially,and established a cooperative relationship with STRATASYS Direct
Manufacturing formally.


In order to serve customers with high quality, we obtained the ISO 9001 quality system certification successfully and got the global Top100 supplier certificate issued by STRATASYS Direct manufacturing in the same year.


Mr. Jian, one founder of the company, left the world due to illness in 2012.The other founder Mr.Guo Zhimin in order to commemorate and cherish his best friend, repose his thoughts and brotherhood and hope that his best friend’s soul Yi Fan Feng “Shun”(Chinese idiom culture),hereby takes the last word “Hao” in his best friend’s name and changes the company’s name to “Haoshun” to cherish his best friend officially.


The company started the technical reform officially and introduced the conceptof “scientific injection molding” In order to provide customers with more professional injection molding technology, the company invested 200thousand yuan to participate in the RJG scientific injection molding training course at one time, and passed the examination and won the title of “injection molding master”


The company’s business volume surged, the plant area expanded from3000 square meters to 5000 square meters, and a professional mold injection workshop wasadded.


The company entered Alibaba international station officially and established the first international online store to carry out diversified trade channels and officially open a new pattern of world trade.


In the most difficult time of the company, the founder Mr Guo Zhimin got a serious disease. He regained his health by learning “GuaSha”(traditional Chinese Medicine) from Mr. LiDaozheng for two years, and realized the health principle through traditional Chinese medicine “Gua Sha” Mr Guo readjusted his life plan and hoped to bring this health principle to his family. friends, employees and factory management.


After getting a healthy life through “Gua Sha”, Mr. Guo Zhimin set his sail again, and applied the realized truth to enterprise management and eradicate the “disease” of the enterprise !


The company was listed on the plaque of “high tech enterprise” issued by the government officially and obtained several patent certificates. Through two years of enterprise management reform, the company has always served customers with high quality and improved the production efficiency by more than 50%


The company continues to optimize internalproduction through technological reform (molddesign technology / injection molding processtechnology),continues to provide customers withhigh-quality services and technical solutions,andimproves the production efficiency by more than20%. In the same year, the company and oursemployees donated money to the epidemic strickenareasin Wuhan to make a modest contribution to thecountry fight against the epidemic!


The company signed a contract withTiancheng education group officially,through systematic course learning , soas to improve business performance andoptimize enterprise management!


In 2022,Haoshun improved efficiency throughinternaloptimization management andcontinued to deepen its growthin themanufacturingindustry.The technicalteam hasgained recognition from the state andgovernment through innovative technologyand has obtained certificates for”Specialization-Refinement-Differentiation-Innovation SmallAnd Medium Enterprise”and “Innovative Smalland Medium Enterprises”

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