World-Class Rapid Prototyping and Production Manufacturing Services

HaoShun is dedicated to offering our customers the finest in rapid prototyping and production services. We support your new product introduction journey by offering the most comprehensive array of fabrication and finishing services in the industry. From one part to one million, find out how we can help when you upload your CAD files for a free quotation today.


Our production services are designed to be highly flexible, responsive, and easily scaled in volume from a single part to millions. We have no minimum order restrictions.

Rapid Prototyping

Rapid prototypes can be made quickly and economically in small volumes with excellent quality. We’re recognized experts in the rapid prototyping industry.

Plastic Injection Molding

Hao Shun makes work-class production tools and finished parts in unlimited volumes. Family molds, 2K molding, and insert molding are all available for your most demanding projects.

CNC Machining

Highly accurate and precise multi-axis CNC milling and turning of mild and stainless steel, aluminum, brass, and hardened steels for your most demanding applications.

Micro Molding

Micro plastic injection molding is an ideal solution for making mold tools and precision parts on the small scale with costs up to 40% less than conventional molding.

Pressure Die Casting

We offer highly complex pressure die cast tools and finished parts in magnesium, zinc, and aluminum.

Vacuum Casting

Vacuum casting with Hao Shun is the perfect way to make small volumes of production-quality plastic resin prototypes quickly and with a minimal investment in materials or tooling.

Quality Assurance

Positive material identification and rigid quality control at every step ensures you get great parts that exceed your expectations.

Finishing Services

We offer exceptional finishing services to complete your parts, including painting.plating, anodizing, polishing, and more.

In Hao Shun we found the right partner for the production of this part. Hao Shun supported custom in the feasibility study of the designed product, the production of the prototype as well as the tools. Custom experienced this process as a real collaboration. The proactive working method and in-depth technical expertise of Hao Shun helped us make a prototype that meets the excellent quality requirements that custom sets for all its products. Hao Shun continuously thought along in the process, gave us fast delivery times and complied with all agreements.

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