What is Micro Molding?

Micro injection molding is a specialized form of plastic injection molding, focused on next-generation parts that need to be small but still retain tight tolerances and complex features. Many product developers don’t know that smaller parts can be made faster and cheaper on small machines.

The Micro Molding Process

Micro molding involves more than just using a small machine. The secret to making many tiny parts that are very close together is to control heat in the micro mold. To do this, micro injection molding machines have sophisticated temperature sensors and digital microcontrollers that are more precise than their larger cousins.

The barrel of the micro injection molding machine is much shorter than its full-sized counterpart. This makes it fast and easy to clean when changing over to new material. The greatest advantage of micro injection is that the micro molding machine can be cycled much more quickly while at the same time consuming far less resin. This results in great cost savings and reduced production time.

Micro Molding Applications

There are many cutting-edge technologies that need small, lightweight, and strong parts. For all of these and more, micro injection is an ideal solution. Our services can also scale up from a few grams to shot weights of 300 grams or more.

Medical Wearables


Surveillance Equipment

Fitness Trackers


Babyplast Micro Molding

Our high-quality, Italian-made Babyplast machines are specifically designed to offer the precision that’s necessary when working on small-scale parts. They have precise temperature and pressure controls for maximum efficiency, while using steel tools that on average are 40% less expensive than full-sized ones. This is just one of the many reasons why our micro molding services are a cut above.

Why Choose HaoShun for Micro Molding

If you need to manufacture small plastic parts and components with micron tolerances, micro molding is your solution. This specialized process uses tiny molds and dedicated machinery to create high-precision small parts with a minimal investment. To get your micro molding project done right, you need a team with experience working successfully at this small scale. Here’s why HaoShun is the smart choice.

✓ A Complete Range of ServicesEven micro parts can sometimes need some form of post-finishing. We polish, plate, and machine even small pieces just like full-sized ones.
✓ Proven SuccessSince we launched our exclusive micro injection mold service, our customers are reaping the benefits that come from optimal cycle times and minimal waste.
✓ Positive Material IdentificationWe leave nothing to chance when it comes to testing and verifying all raw material. People trust HaoShun when the job absolutely has to be right.
✓ Design Optimization

Our toolmaking specialists carefully analyze every project in advance. We work closely with you to optimize for speed, quality, and reduced cost.
✓ Intelligent QuotationsOur proprietary algorithm generates accurate quotations fast. But every one is still checked by industry veterans for complete reliability.

Considering Micro Molding For Your Next Project?

Is micro molding right for your next product development project? Contact our manufacturing specialists for a free quotation and design review. We can recommend the solution that best fits your schedule, order volume, material, performance requirements and more.